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Day Cabs

Our day cab tractors are designed for short-haul and regional transportation routes, allowing drivers to return home daily. These tractors prioritize maneuverability, efficiency, and driver comfort, featuring advanced technology and safety enhancements to optimize performance and reduce operating costs.

Regional Tractors

Our sleeper cab tractors are engineered for long-haul transportation, providing a comfortable living space for drivers during extended trips. These tractors feature integrated sleeping quarters with amenities such as beds, storage compartments, and climate control systems to ensure restful breaks on the road. They are designed to maximize driver productivity and well-being while maintaining fuel efficiency and overall performance. 

Tri-Axle & Quad-Axle Trailers 

Our tri-axle and quad-axle Conestoga trailers are versatile and efficient solutions for transporting flatbed freight. Equipped with a sliding tarp system, these trailers allow for easy loading and unloading from the sides and rear. The multi-axle configuration enhances stability and weight distribution, making them suitable for carrying heavier loads while maintaining compliance with road regulations.

Drop-deck Trailers 

Our drop-deck flatbed trailers are designed for transporting oversized or uniquely shaped cargo. With a lower deck height than standard flatbeds, these trailers provide increased clearance for taller loads while maintaining stability and ease of loading. The dropdeck design allows for versatile loading configurations and simplifies the process of securing and transporting a wide range of freight. 

Coil Haulers

Our coil hauler trailers are specialized trailers designed specifically for transporting steel coils and other cylindrical cargo safely and efficiently. These trailers feature specialized cradles or bunks that securely hold and stabilize the coils during transit, minimizing the risk of shifting or damage. Coil hauler trailers are equipped with heavy-duty suspensions and braking systems to handle the substantial weight of steel coils while ensuring optimal safety on the road.